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Best Equity Entry EA For Forex Traders

Started by PocketOption, Feb 07, 2022, 02:51 pm

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Best Equity Entry EA For Forex Traders

Do you need an application that can guarantee protection in a case of unexpected draw-down?  You’ve come to the right place, this one here is called the equity entry ea. Saying this from experience it is very risky to leave open positions on your mt4 platform while you are away. George Soros himself would tell you that market price can change rapidly against your favor in split seconds.

The equity entry ea was created to solve the problem of having to stay glued to the charts for Forex traders.

Equity Protection EA Features

  • Close open trades and pending orders
  • disable auto trading from the mt4 terminal, including social trading and robot trading
  • Close all charts and expert advisors to prevent the terminal from having a live trade
  • Close terminal entirely
  • send email alerts
  • send mobile alerts

How serious do you become when it comes to your equity? Can you always guarantee that when you have reached maximum draw-down you can still protect the renaming money you have? No more paradoxical questions because the equity entry ea can answer a proud yes for all your concerns.

So… What is Equity Entry EA?

This is simply an app that can help you put a hard stop on all live trades in case your maximum draw-down has been reached. It also has additional functionalities like setting ever green profit targets, and on timers. This app monitors your account 24/7 and guarantees you protection in cases of unexpected draw-downs.

How Does Equity Entry EA works?

Protect you account from a disaster today and employ the equity protection ea. Download it only by us at SarosFX. We have other special tools could be useful to you, if you have time check the wall-street Forex Robot, a true FX robot that has stable growth.

Best tip: apply the equity entry EA on any system you are using and your money will always be safe.

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