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Equiti Group Secures CySEC License to Deepen Presence in Europe

Started by forex4you, Oct 07, 2022, 04:16 am

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Equiti Group Secures CySEC License to Deepen Presence in Europe

<p class="text-align-justify">Equiti Group, a provider of online trading technology and multi-asset financial products, has received a regulatory license from the
Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).</p><p>CySEC granted the license to Cypriot subsidiary, Equiti Global
Markets Limited, to operate in Europe, the Group announced on Wednesday.
</p><p>Additionally, Equiti Group announced the appointment of Hesham Hasanin,
the CEO of EGMLabs in Cyprus as the
CEO of Equiti Global Markets Limited. </p><p>Hasanin was previously the Global Head of Trading Solutions for Equiti Group.</p><p>The new license is an addition to Equiti Group's existing seven
regulatory licenses in the United Kingdom, Kenya, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Armenia, Jordan and the Seychelles. </p><p>'A Significant Milestone'</p><p>The licensing comes six months after the Group <a href="" target="_blank" title="Original URL:,1,vhkPq_x4IYADlp9-FscduqODYizyvSX3Jc0bfGfHigXIl1OO-3txR-QkNfeOpwEgMD-CtEmHd-8Rf0EmrA2h" data-auth="Verified" originalsrc=",1,vhkPq_x4IYADlp9-FscduqODYizyvSX3Jc0bfGfHigXIl1OO-3txR-QkNfeOpwEgMD-CtEmHd-8Rf0EmrA2hgBvUKnioSCSiaQ4sUAmikTzFTw,,&typo=1" shash="ko820mPpgEE+awFIhQmvwFrwTk70TR03kWvhB7Pc0keIJ7A+ScpNsJj5pHU4g8+F6BzBPHSSt3ogRrVvP23nGvx7JUPFV/uDtCeP8X5RHMKtMc4LgIZ+BDcXYBlSSokN9QPT0Spyaka90eowNSqgKdB2x5ksae/O/wnqaoFEyVs=" data-linkindex="0">received </a>an over-the-counter
derivatives and foreign exchange spot market license from the UAE Securities
and Commodities Authority (SCA), thus helping to strengthen its
presence in the Middle East. </p><p>The technology provider described the CySEC license
as "a significant milestone in its ambitious global growth strategy." </p><p>In addition, it noted that Cyprus is an ideal location in Europe for the
Group to extend its business owing to the country's established regulatory
framework and business hub. </p><p>Iskandar Najjar, the CEO of Equiti Group, noted that the license will
enable the multi-asset financial products provider "to extend our
business-to-business offering in a secure, regulated manner to clients in
Europe." </p><p>Najjar emphasized that regulation and good governance remain key parts of Equiti's business model. </p><p>"Our CySEC license gives our clients peace of mind by knowing that
they are with a global broker in Europe that they can trust and that with
CySEC's regulatory oversight, strict financial market regulatory standards are
adhered to," Najjar explained. </p><p>Regulated subsidiaries under the Equiti Group include Equiti
Capital UK Limited (United Kingdom), Equiti Securities Currencies Brokers LL
(UAE), Equiti Brokerage (Seychelles) and EGM Securities (Kenya). </p><p>Others are Equiti Group Limited Jordan LLC (Jordan), EGM Futures
DMCC (UAE), and Equiti AM CJSC (Armenia). </p><p>Growth Moves </p><p>Finance Magnates reported last month that Equiti Capital UK Limited had <a href="" target="_blank" title="Original URL:,1,GwIkPbCBSrf-y1KzoCuJboCGukiltNNNFowc3nJf9DnKYZSa1EPdLUvR567UN4CZWzQmBleMIv" data-auth="Verified" originalsrc=",1,GwIkPbCBSrf-y1KzoCuJboCGukiltNNNFowc3nJf9DnKYZSa1EPdLUvR567UN4CZWzQmBleMIvxIdEAYtO9u4hjTFmeCW0P57418JOhkZrQ,&typo=1" shash="ef5O6d92iXgN0mdje1f00/LzHUVO/FMMwXEkJL3Ks/v/kOqiXV0zVOiYlv/IvNo5VghN00a/FdN+lmE/Nj95kbMIesB9vRvqpVJlvak1hgua7xZvYHuWy231bcBDCxqPbAkOBRsGaxgzfgs/unTWHOC+GMke9cR799c5aXAsFA0=" data-linkindex="1">doubled its
profit in 2021</a> despite
recording only a 5% jump in revenue. </p><p>On top of that, the subsidiary generated a revenue of $32.53 million in 2021,
compared to $30.9 million in the prior year.  </p><p>In June, Equiti Brokerage <a href="" target="_blank" title="Original URL:,1,kpUx6XM7wSO0x9FWFnYxFwNfvXTplNrhvSJgZrw2jB1vb8k-yZqmPksStExCVjEYLUq-DU53IPMy" data-auth="Verified" originalsrc=",1,kpUx6XM7wSO0x9FWFnYxFwNfvXTplNrhvSJgZrw2jB1vb8k-yZqmPksStExCVjEYLUq-DU53IPMy05b6mDvuGsazQ3u0vz3lV0xuzJ7jDY5lCkkA5fA0&typo=1" shash="x1w32cUaZ0UTenazCjA65S2M8r2TDU4pRsvUmaIH5rQM9LiARJGsH8HJblvU4I3tN0d3VBRvL3Dc7FM0KkSeX30HW18SUgSRMUs3anarFpsqjzTKaWO5wBIuGl0ewkNCgRPikVy2Hqe5h1RAqAxu5Ij3Sh5WE/nJ1mDLE59gNfk=" data-linkindex="2">expanded its
crypto CFD offerings</a>,
becoming one of the top providers with the largest crypto CFD basket. </p><p>Earlier in May, the Seychelles subsidiary <a href="" target="_blank" title="Original URL:,1,MUa8bwjUhBC8sUTx52aCQImEINUlA1WJagdiXoMoWe8ZJyDhf9zbxJphU4atdaZ" data-auth="Verified" originalsrc=",1,MUa8bwjUhBC8sUTx52aCQImEINUlA1WJagdiXoMoWe8ZJyDhf9zbxJphU4atdaZ3N7VuHt3UXIS0EOQT9d6Lq8ZVZ9uOCMaOjK4kSxcT_dNIpXQ,&typo=1" shash="Wh4mSRaSMgeC4KDpKRhV7baT894ZF+V6L0OfoAqnobr4ekVi6a0MDcxd6sZuN3SABaDOmVtO8Ga8ooPVo1WxXegtjwclnLfoNQocJOgBU1cOxuYqEdkx/tin/d7Q/C5ng9Aeu6RT27B1duQyU8CoPmTCyQeOjIk54A/ubGqKr0w=" data-linkindex="3">added more than
40 fully-paid cryptocurrency CFDs</a> to its product range, continuing months of expansion in its
product offerings. </p>

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Source: Equiti Group Secures CySEC License to Deepen Presence in Europe
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