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Bityard Copy Trade Makes Crypto Contract Trading Easier

SINGAPORE, Dec 3, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - The price of Bitcoin, one of the mainstream cryptocurrencies in the market, recently topped $19,000. At the same time, the Ethereum price also surpassed $600. Even though the prices of most cryptocurrencies have declined slightly in recent days, the market is still crowded with traders and investors.

In the crypto market, spot and contract trading are the common ways for people to invest in digital currencies. Contract trading allows investors to profit in both bear and bull markets, so a lot of people focus on it when spot market becomes less profitable. However, contract trading also comes with some degree of risk, and it requires a high level of financial background and longtime experience.

In the contract trading market, crypto beginners often lose money due to incorrect strategies and unpredictable market changes. This March, the Bitcoin price dropped rapidly and caused heavy losses of many traders. In order to help beginners to invest in cryptocurrencies, Bityard has launched copy trade function to make contract trading easier.

In the copy trade system, Bityard users can find highly professional traders and simply copy their strategies. When copying other traders, the users don't need to manually open or close their positions. The traders will steerbthe whole trading process for the users who copy them. For those copiers, how reliable and skilled the traders they are copying is very important.

In the past, copy trading usually happened in online investment or crypto related communities, and so did crypto scams, as traders could fabricate their trading histories and records to attract followers. With the Bityard copy trade system, all traders must submit their trading history data, which will be viewed by Bityard before the traders get listed and copied. Bityard ensures all traders in the system are qualified for other users to follow their investment strategies.

With the copy trade system, Bityard users can copy any trader on Bityard without a worry. Bityard will keep putting efforts in creating a more secure and simpler trading platform for both beginners and professional traders.

About Bityard
Bityard is the world's leading crypto exchange, with Muay Thai superstar Buakaw Banchamek as the brand ambassador, providing customers from more than 150 countries with safe, simple and fast digital currency trading services. The copy trade function launched is designed to make contract trading easier for beginners. In the future, Bityard will continue to improve its products to provide users with better trading services. Bityard official website:
Buy chia plot / OKEX BUY/SELL CHIA
Last post by admin - Jun 08, 2021, 09:16 pm
OKEx is a global digital asset exchange that offers advanced financial services to traders word wide by using blockchain technology. The exchange provides several token and futures trading pairs to help traders to optimize their crypto trading strategy. OKEx is constantly innovating to meet customers needs and is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading exchanges in the world.

While we aim to provide you with accurate and the latest information in this OKEx review, we strongly suggest that you visit their site to keep updated with any changes that may occur afterward.

What Is OKEx?
OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange that provides advanced financial services. The cryptocurrency exchange is based in Malta, Italy and has served millions of users in over 100 countries worldwide. OKEx has been designed to provide a safe and secure trading platform for users to trade hundreds of coins, token & futures trading pairs. OKEx is one of the largest exchanges in the world and is currently ranked 14th by trading volume.

Is OKEx Safe?
OKEx appears to be a safe cryptocurrency exchange that features several security measures on its platform to protect client information and keep funds safe. According to our research, OKEx has not been involved in an exchange hack or experienced a major security breach or compromise. In 2017, there were reports of millions of Bitcoin that were moved from OKEX which caused panic in the crypto community. However, CEO Jay Hao explained that this was caused due to scheduled maintenance.

OKEx Features
OKEx users of the platform have access to several innovative trading features and financial tools. The exchange is considered a leading one-stop cryptocurrency trading platform that includes features such as:

Easy to use interface for beginner and advanced traders
Quick and easy to buy and sell crypto using over 30 local currencies
Supports credit/debit card purchases and bank transfer payments
Accepts fiat currencies like USD, CNY, EUR, ARS, AUD and BGN
Spot trading with high liquidity order-book with low spreads
Perpetual swap and futures markets to trade crypto with leverage up to 100x
Secure OKEx wallet using offline cold storage measures
Mobile app to trade anytime and anywhere
Referral and affiliate program that rewards you for bringing users to the exchange
24/7 customer support team
Registration, Login & Limits
OKEx Exchange registration process is quite simple. All you need to get started is a valid email address. You will be asked to login to your nominated email address and enter in the verification code. There is no need to upload any identification (KYC) documentation unless you intend to withdraw more than 100 BTC in a 24-hour period. OKEx Verification Levels and Limits are as follows:

Depositing Funds
OKEx allows users to fund an account using digital currencies only. There is no option to transfer fiat currency to the exchange. The two options available on OKEx to fund your new trading account:

Purchase crypto with a credit card on the website through Simplex or Koinal
Transfer crypto from a hardware wallet or other exchange
Once the funds have arrived, users can begin to trade cryptocurrencies on OKEx.

OKEx Leverage
OKEx offers margin trading on it's spot and derivatives products. The exchange also offers fixed and cross margin. The maximum amount of margin that can be traded for each product are:

Spot exchange: Up to 10x margin
Futures: Up to 100x margin
Leverage trading can be a powerful tool for a trader to take advantage of comparatively small price movements in the crypto market. It works by putting down a fraction of the full value of your trade - and the exchange provides the rest of the deposit to facilitate a much larger position size without tying up your capital. It can also have the opposite affect and increase the size of your losses.

Trading Fees
Exchange fees need to be assessed before decided to trade on a cryptocurrency trading platform. Low fees are critical when when trading larger position sizes with margin or making multiple trades in a single day (i.e. day traders) which can eat into potential profits.

Spot Fees
OKEx fees is based on a maker and taker model that starts at 0.1% and 0.15% for users with less than 500 OKB tokens. The maker/taker fee can be reduced to 0.06% and 0.09% respectively if 2,000 OKB tokens are held within the OKEx wallet.

Chia programm plotting / Chia Proof of Space
Last post by admin - Jun 08, 2021, 03:46 pm
Chia's proof of space is written in C++. Includes a plotter, prover, and verifier. It exclusively runs on 64 bit architectures. Read the Proof of Space document to learn about what proof of space is and how it works.

C++ Usage Instructions
# Requires cmake 3.14+

mkdir -p build && cd build
cmake ../
cmake --build . -- -j 6
Run tests
CLI usage
./ProofOfSpace -k 25 -f "plot.dat" -m "0x1234" create
./ProofOfSpace -k 25 -f "final-plot.dat" -m "0x4567" -t TMPDIR -2 SECOND_TMPDIR create
./ProofOfSpace -f "plot.dat" prove <32 byte hex challenge>
./ProofOfSpace -k 25 verify <hex proof> <32 byte hex challenge>
./ProofOfSpace -f "plot.dat" check <iterations>
time ./ProofOfSpace -k 25 create
Hellman Attacks usage
There is an experimental implementation which implements some of the Hellman Attacks that can provide significant space savings for the final file.

./HellmanAttacks -k 18 -f "plot.dat" -m "0x1234" create
./HellmanAttacks -f "plot.dat" check <iterations>
Finally, python bindings are provided in the python-bindings directory.

python3 -m venv .venv
. .venv/bin/activate
pip3 install .
Run python tests
Testings uses pytest. Linting uses flake8 and mypy.

py.test ./tests -s -v
ci Building
The primary build process for this repository is to use GitHub Actions to build binary wheels for MacOS, Linux (x64 and aarch64), and Windows and publish them with a source wheel on PyPi. See .github/workflows/build.yml. CMake uses FetchContent to download pybind11. Building is then managed by cibuildwheel. Further installation is then available via pip install chiapos e.g.

Contributing and workflow
Contributions are welcome and more details are available in chia-blockchain's

The main branch is usually the currently released latest version on PyPI. Note that at times chiapos will be ahead of the release version that chia-blockchain requires in it's main/release version in preparation for a new chia-blockchain release. Please branch or fork main and then create a pull request to the main branch. Linear merging is enforced on main and merging requires a completed review. PRs will kick off a GitHub actions ci build and analysis of chiapos at Please make sure your build is passing and that it does not increase alerts at lgtm.
Chia programm plotting / Programkom’s CHIA Plotter
Last post by admin - Jun 08, 2021, 03:43 pm
Programkom's CHIA Plotter
Last update: 30.05.2021 21:32 Version release 1.34b
Custom manager to simplify and maximize chia plotting process.

Currently running on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu).

Email me about other linux installations that you try this on.

THIS IS STILL BETA VERSION! E-mail me about bugs/improvements to [email protected]
Buy chia plot / CHIA Duplicate plot files sear...
Last post by admin - Jun 08, 2021, 03:41 pm
you can run the CLI command: chia plots check -l -n 0

plots check CLI
Buy chia plot / Solo chia 947 XCH in 1 adress
Last post by admin - Jun 08, 2021, 02:11 pm

Solo chia 947 XCH in 1 adress
Buy chia plot / 1 men 97 CHIA 97 XCH
Last post by admin - Jun 08, 2021, 01:21 pm

1 men 97 CHIA 97 XCH
Buy chia plot / 1386 XCH in day
Last post by admin - Jun 08, 2021, 10:03 am
Buy chia plot / Chia 603 XCH
Last post by admin - Jun 08, 2021, 09:54 am

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