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Bitrefill Partners With NBA Star For Bitcoin Smart Sneakers

Started by Bitcoin, Apr 20, 2022, 02:23 pm

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Bitrefill Partners With NBA Star For Bitcoin Smart Sneakers

Bitrefill partners with Spencer Dinwiddie to launch a smart sneaker capable of displaying the BTC price in real time with a node built into the shoe box.

  • Bitrefill is partnering with NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie to launch Bitsneaks, a high-tech sneaker capable of displaying the real-time price of bitcoin.
  • The sneakers have cellular internet connectivity with a 3G connection embedded into a flexible LED-matrix screen with a full node and mining rig built into the shoebox.
  • The cellular data is free in 154 countries and the LED turns purple once bitcoin hits $1 million. The shoe costs 1 BTC and can only be purchased in bitcoin.

Bitrefill is stepping onto the basketball court with NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie, in a partnership where they are launching Bitsneaks, the world's most high-tech sneaker that is capable of streaming the live price of bitcoin.

"In the same way we believe our services at must be 10 times better than our competitors, when we made a sneaker, we wanted it with 10x the coolness of anything else," said Sergej Kotliar, founder of Bitrefill, in a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. "We'll let you decide whether we were successful."

The Bitsneaks feat an LED panel capable of showing the Bitcoin price in real time. Source: Bitrefill.


The team at Bitrefill, in collaboration with TNSID and Spencer Dinwiddie designed what they are calling a "quantum leap" in sneaker technology. Each sneaker has cellular internet built into a sleek and flexible LED-matrix screen which is controllable through a mobile application. The absurdity of this creation is not missed by Bitrefill.

"For us to beat giants like Nike and build what everyone said was impossible is yet another proof of what a small dedicated team like ours can do when trying to achieve something truly foolish," said Kotliar.

The sneakers are the first of many launches that will be coming from the Bitrefill team in coming months and can only be purchased with bitcoin. The Bitsneaks come with a price tag of 1 BTC, meaning that the pair will always display the value of the bitcoin used to purchase them.

"I've always strived to be a transformative and revolutionary leader in the cryptocurrency world and the opportunity to develop the world's most high-tech sneaker with Bitrefill has been the experience of a lifetime!," said Dinwiddie, in the release.

The limited-edition Bitsneaks are available for pre-orders at starting Wednesday, April 13 at 3 PM CET.

The Bitsneaks boast plenty of built-in features to deploy the exotic display, including cellular internet with free data in over 150 countries and 825 lumens per unit. Image source: Bitrefill.


Source: Bitrefill Partners With NBA Star For Bitcoin Smart Sneakers