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Verifying Block 124724

Started by Bitcoin, Feb 07, 2022, 06:28 am

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Verifying Block 124724

Just for my own educational purposes, I'm writing something that verifies the blocks on the blockchain. I had in my code this line:

assert coinbase_amount == block_reward + total_tip

And it succeeded until it hit block 124724, at which point it said coinbase_amount was 49.99999999 BTC and that the block_reward + total_tip was 50.01 BTC. (So, it complained that 49.99999999 != 50.01)

I guess if that's true, it's fine, since the miner I guess just dropped .01000001 on the floor. I'm just wondering if I'm interpreting that block right. (And how often does this happen?? And why??)


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