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Forex, Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

Started by admin, Aug 07, 2022, 09:43 am

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As blogging getting more and more popularity day by day, every person or business has a blog today. Starting a blog doesn't have to be a complicated or expensive task rather it's very easy to create your own blog. It will just take 20 minutes to create your own blog.
Free blogging with Blogspot / blogger Google offers users to create your own blog for free. Blogger is the best way to create free blog. Creating a free blog with Blogger is really easy task. is a blogging platform provided by Google which lets you start a free blog. In you can write unlimited article and be able to upload images as many as you want. Before creating your own blog you need to do one thing and the task is to pick up a domain name; you need to pick a topic in which you want to write about and gain enough knowledge and skills about those things then decide to create a blog those subject. Continue Reading →
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How to Start a Blog.
How to start a blog . To find the answer you must know a bit about blogging. Most of the blogger start blogging with a big hope but end of the day they kick off and its not because the don't know hot to start a blog, its case of their little knowledge and bad planning. So we better start digging down to know how to start a blog.
What is blog? A great many people used to buzz about "what is web journal" in the late 1990's. This was the decade when this medium of correspondence was conceived and its roots were entering quick and profound. The main thing that should be explained before pushing forward is to unfasten the riddle of the expression "what is online blog" in a great way. An online blog can be furnished in straightforward words as "The discussion or data made accessible by an individual or gathering of individuals over the World Wide Web i.e. www. These are essentially posts which are transferred discretely at various times and dates by bloggers." Continue Reading →
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Types of Blog and Blogging Subject.
Types of blog and blogging subject is a very common question for a beginner blogger. Blog is just like a dairy writing act or a daily journal in online world. The act of writing a post for a blog is called blogging and the person who writes content for a post or blog is called blogger. A blogger is also called online journal or writer. The topics or subject in which a blogger want to write for a post or blog is called blogging subject. As today's world is online world and every bloggers want to write their post to blog in such a way that they will become famous. Continue Reading →
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What is blogging?
The same question I asked, when I started blogging few years earlier "What is blogging?"
The word blog is also called a weblog or web log. A blog is a website consisting of posts. It's just like an art of dairy writing act or a daily journal in on-line world. A blog is considered as online dairies individuals posted information on a daily basis about their lives and opinions.
The act of writing a post for a blog is called Blogging. Blogs are created using specific publishing software. Blogs typically included features such as comment and links to increase user interactivity. The Blogs was first invented in the late 1990 as online dairies individuals posted information on a daily basis about their lives and opinion. In the early life of the World Wide Web some 20 years ago, the internet was just an informational tool and website were simple and provided a one -side conversation. Continue Reading →
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Learn Forex Trading - Module No 1 - Video 005 (Forex Price Sequence Reading)
To learn Forex trading, one needs to determine the relationship of price bias change of different currencies. The knowledge will be helpful in the determination of price uptrends to a down trend or vice versa. Having an idea on Price sequence reading and a trend line break will be helpful in learning Forex trading.
Chart Details Discussion: The up-trending chart from 3 December to 18 December contains series of swing lows and swing highs. The chart illustrates a higher rate of scoring in both the swing lows and highs marked in green and red.The higher rate of the swing low and swing highs imply that the trading price has not yet been broken up to 18 December. There is an up-trending price up to 18 December. Technically the breakdown of the uptrend on 18 December implies that we should no longer be looking for longer trading traits. Continue Reading →
March 18, 2016 by Kabir Hossain 2 Comments.
Forex Secret Strategy.
My Forex secret strategy trading guide line.
First of all, "Nothing is free in this world" So why should I give you, my Forex secret strategy for free?
To maintain this website I need to spend more than $100 every month including Domain, Hosting and SEO. But what is my benefit?
"I am not only a Forex trader. My second income source is Affiliate Marketing and most of all, I love Blogging"
So let's come to the point, what is My Forex secret strategy!
I am professional Forex trader. Last 5 years I am trading Forex and doing very well. I keep my trade very simple, let's show you my Forex secret strategy step by step Continue Reading →
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Learn Forex Trading - Module No 1 - Video 004 (Fx Chart Price Reading)
Fx chart reading is same important as much as Forex time frame . Previous post was all about choosing the Forex time and what type of trader you want to be. After you make up your mind it's time to learn and understand Forex chart (Fx Chart reading). Forex chart and price action always give the direction of Forex market and help to build a higher quality trading setup.
There are three kind of chart exists on MT4 and MT5 trading terminal; (1) Line chart, (2) candlesticks chart and (3) Bar chart. This three chart giving exactly same information but bar chart is much easy to read than line chart and candlesticks chart is much more visual and informative than bar chart. More details about Forex chart are available in our earlier post. You can pick bar chart as your trading setup but my personal choice is candlesticks and for all our training videos we used candlesticks charts.
The Best way to understand Fx chart properly, we need to understand different chart elements and price actions. Fx Chart always gives you all information that you need to take a trade or stay out of the trade. Below I am placing different Fx chart elements important information that help to understand and read Forex chart. Continue Reading →