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Automated Trading on KuCoin: The World’s Fastest Growing Crypto Exchange

Started by Bitcoin, Sep 24, 2022, 05:12 am

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Automated Trading on KuCoin: The World's Fastest Growing Crypto Exchange

For example, you can expect a crypto-bot to give you a consistent growth of 1% every day without any negative returns. However, if you trade manually, you may have days of 5% growth or -10% growth. crypto trade bot trading bots are programmed to ideally generate a profit with the lowest risk possible even if it means lesser net returns compared over a period if you had traded manually. If you buy the Plus version of the Tool, the GUI and Installation document and the Basic version will be sent along with the Plus version in the package.

In this way, you will pay a single tool fee and purchase two different tools. Opening and closing deals at best entry and exit prices. Spot and futures trading. Automate stop-loss; trailing; martingale and other features. Automate averaging the entry price by placing safety orders. Trade both short and long strategies. Automate trading 24/7. Access to your own demo account. Trade unlimited coin pairs.

Practice makes perfect. Copy Trading with Top traders. For many people, cryptocurrency trading became an excellent way to generate income. However, Crypto asset prices are highly volatile, especially for Bitcoin (BTC) and other less significant cryptocurrencies. Zenbot is very much in the race for the best free crypto trading bot due to its open-source nature that allows insane customization! But, you will need to know Node.js and MongoDB to operate this crypto bot.

It is more user - friendly and supportive for higher frequency trading compared to other counterparts in the market. chart_date_format Date format for price chart (default: %%d/%%m/%%Y %%H:00) chart_background_color Background color for price chart (default: white) chart_title_color Title color for price chart (default: black) chart_frame_color Frame color  Kucoin for price chart (default: black) chart_axes_color Axes color for price chart (default: black) chart_line_color Line color for price chart (default: #3475AB) chart_line_style Line style for price chart (default: -).

 Same as matplotlib line styles: - -- -. If false, all the next fields will be skipped. Name Description [pyrogram] Configuration for pyrogram session_name Session name of your choice api_id API ID from api_hash API hash from bot_token Bot token from BotFather [app] Configuration for app app_is_test_mode True to activate test mode false otherwise app_lang_file Language file in XML format (default: English) [task] Configuration for tasks tasks_max_num Maximum number of running tasks (totally, in all groups).

 iStock Image[chart] Configuration for price chart chart_display True to display price chart, false otherwise (default: true). If false, all the next fields will be skipped. : chart_grid_line_width Line width for price chart grid (default: 1) [price] Configuration for price info price_display_market_cap True to display market cap, false otherwise (default: true) price_display_market_cap_rank True to display market cap rank, false otherwise (default: false) [logging] Configuration for logging log_level Log level, same of python logging ( DEBUG , INFO , WARNING ,  Kucoin ERROR , CRITICAL ).

Source: Automated Trading on KuCoin: The World's Fastest Growing Crypto Exchange

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