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The Neko LLC – Providing Safety, Security, and Innovation for The Future of DeFi

Started by Bitcoin, May 18, 2022, 06:18 am

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The Neko LLC - Providing Safety, Security, and Innovation for The Future of DeFi

Popular Japanese figurines known as Maneki-Neko are seen to bring good luck and wealth to their owners. In light of this, the Neko Developers desire to share their progress with the cryptocurrency community, ensuring safety, security, and innovation. Introducing MANEKI-NEKO/NEKO, an ERC20 Token, a non-custodial software wallet (NekoMask), a non-custodial hardware wallet (The Neko), as well as security audits and testing (NekoGuard).

With all development in place, the Neko Token is now only accessible on the ERC-20 (Ethereum) network, and any other networks are not considered official. The team deemed it fit that the only safe and secure method to preserve all crypto assets, including The Neko Token, was the necessity to innovate and enhance the location where the assets are housed.

The Neko Token seeks not just good luck and wealth, but also safety, security, and innovation. The Neko Token is the start of a larger ecosystem for industry transformation, one that will entrench itself as the standard in the future and beyond.

Consequently, the Neko is a hardware and software wallet that includes novel security mechanisms to secure investors’ funds both online and offline.

NekoMask – The Non-Custodial Software Wallet

NekoMask is a non-custodial software wallet with upgraded features like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which prevents fraudulent transactions and removes any unnecessary third-party access. Other features include quick disconnect, the option to archive unneeded wallets, and unique gas modes.

The Neko development team has built pre-configured adjustable gas modes into the software wallet, allowing users to specify their preferred network fees before completing a transaction. This functionality is particularly useful for individuals that invest in new token launches or NFT minting events.

NekoMask will provide an ultra-secure software wallet with security and trading functionality that all users have long desired. It would also be accessible as a browser extension, as well as in the Apple and Google Play stores.

The Future Technology is here with the Neko Wallet

The Neko hardware wallet is a tangible device that allows investors to safely store cross-chain digital assets, such as NFTs, in a way that has never been done before. This provides actual innovation by providing features not currently accessible on the market.

As well, the Neko wallet is a complete hardware wallet solution for both individuals and businesses. It boasts a nice and smooth touch screen interface – swipe and tap – and is incredibly easy to use. Investors may own their cryptocurrency and generate Private Keys using a revolutionary offline engagement technique. To summarize, it is completely offline!

The hardware wallet, as safe, secure, and convenient as it is, requires a cable, a USB port, or some other type of physical connection to access your funds.

Interestingly, it will include further features like a Lithium-Ion Battery for portability and function on the go, the ability to view NFTs and tokens stored without connecting to a computer, Bluetooth Connectivity, which eliminates the need for any physical connection, and a Biometric Scanner, which aids in securing a unique 2FA access.

NekoGuard – A Comprehensive Project Auditing Service

NekoGuard was eventually formed as a service to symbolize the spirit of real decentralization by offering a unique method to ensure projects can manage risk and safeguard DeFi investors at a fraction of the cost of more centralized alternatives.

It includes several layers, including automated smart contract auditing, manual code reviews with dynamic testing by a team of DeFi security specialists, and brand audits of DeFi projects, as it is a full project auditing service with an emphasis on security first.

NekoGuard will give the highest precision at the speed required to keep up with the pace of DeFi, adopting a one-of-a-kind approach to execute targeted assessments with rapid feedback between projects and analysts.

Wrapping up

The Neko team is currently accepting applications for affiliate initiatives that will promote NekoMask in their community. The Neko has recently attracted 12 affiliate communities with a combined membership of over 50,000 people. Each affiliate introduces a new community to the cause, improving exposure and general knowledge. Furthermore, Neko has surpassed 1,500 holders and is growing and flourishing with each passing day.

As the company nears the release of The Neko software and hardware wallets, Neko will provide a variety of staking possibilities, generating passive revenue for its holders Stakers will be rewarded based on the number of tokens staked as a proportion of the overall staking pool.


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