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Title: forex4you review and ratings.
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forex4you ( review and ratings.
Company information.
forex4you ( is a forex broker located in the British Virgin Islands, regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission (BVIFSC).
forex4you ( accepts clients from all over the world, excluding USA, Canada, European Economic Area, Australia and Japan.
Distinctive features.
Simple registration and verification process. Own copy-trading service (Share4you) offered for the clients. Technical analysis from Trading Central. Tight spreads on major currency pairs.
Trading instruments.
Forex broker offers the following underlying assets for trading.
50+ Currency Pairs Based on major and minor world currencies. 5 Crypto Pairs Based on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple. 14 Indice CFDs Based on baskets of different blue-chip stocks and US Dollar Index. 2 Metal Spot CFDs Based on Gold and Silver. 2 Energy Spot CFDs Based on Crude Oil (WTI, Brent). 40+ Stock CFDs Based on shares of US companies.
Comprehensive review.
forex4you ( is a global forex & CFD brokerage company set up in 2007, and currently based in the British Virgin Islands where it is regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission (BVIFSC).
Thanks to the much more relaxed regulations in the BVI, forex4you ( is able to offer its clients significant trading leverage going as high as 1:1,000 on the most liquid trading assets. Compare this to brokers in for example the EU where the maximum allowed leverage is 1:30, and it is easy to understand that forex4you ( indeed offers huge trading leverage. As always, however, this much leverage also requires a high level of discipline and risk management skills from the trader.
The trading instruments offered by forex4you ( covers a range of different underlying assets, including more than 50 currency pairs, a good number of major stock indices, more than 40 individual stock CFDs, as well as various commodity CFDs. In addition, the broker is also testing the waters in the crypto world with a selection of 5 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP).
Moving over to trading platforms, forex4you ( offers its own proprietary trading platform for both web and desktop, in addition to the well-known MetaTrader 4 (MT4).
The proprietary forex4you ( webtrader, which is probably the platform most beginners will choose to start with, offers a nice and clean user interface. Charts are large and highly responsive, and the order management module of the platform is as easy to use as any platform we have tested. We are therefore confident that the forex4you ( webtrader is a suitable choice for most new forex & CFD traders.
Once a new trader has signed up with forex4you (, it is time to choose which type of trading account to open. There are four choices when it comes to this, each one with its own pros and cons:
Cent Account Classic Account Cent NDD (no dealing desk) Account Pro STP (straight-through processing) Account.
None of these account types requires any minimum deposit, but the Cent NDD Account and the Pro STP account are still most suitable for large traders as they rely on commissions on trades instead of wide spreads.
Interestingly, all the trading accounts offered by forex4you ( varies in terms of the execution speed they offer to users. For instance, the Cent Account comes with an execution speed of 1.63 seconds, while the more elite Pro STP Account comes with an execution speed of just 0.37 seconds. As one can imagine, fast execution is key in forex trading, particularly for short-term traders and scalpers.
Lastly, all trading accounts can be opened with either USD or EUR as the base currency.
When it comes to funding methods, choices are a bit more limited with forex4you ( than with many other brokers. However, the broker still accepts most standard methods, such as bank transfer, credit & debit cards, as well as the e-wallet platforms Skrill, Neteller, and WebMoney. Unfortunately, however, crypto deposits are not accepted by this broker.
On a final note, we would like to reiterate that we believe forex4you ( is a decent choice for new forex traders in particular. Their proprietary trading platform is intuitive and simple to use, which is exactly what beginners in the forex market needs. The fact that the broker is regulated, although in a traditional offshore jurisdiction, also adds some credibility to its name.

Title: Re: forex4you review and ratings.
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forex4you ( Review.
forex4you (, established in 2007, is a brand of E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. (the Company). The Company is registered in the British Virgin Islands in accordance with the Companies Act and International Business Companies Act. forex4you ( is authorized and regulated by the FSC under the Securities and Investment Business Act.
There are three trading accounts at forex4you (
The Cent account is for beginners who have little experience in Forex trading. There is no minimum deposit requirement, although $1 is recommended, and spreads are as low as 0.7 pips depending on the execution type chosen. Traders have a choice of market or instant execution and leverage is available up to 1000. The forex4you ( bonus program is available for those opening this account.
The Classic and Class NDD (No Dealing Desk) accounts are for regular traders looking for a steady profit. At least $100 is recommended to open this account and the minimum lot size is 0.01.As with the Cent account traders has a choice of market or instant execution and leverage is available up to 1000. The forex4you ( bonus program is available for those opening this account as well.
The Professional STP account is for advanced traders. It offers variable spreads, scalping and STP and does not allow requotes. $100 is recommended to fund this account and only Forex and commodities can be traded here. Leverage is up to 200 and only market execution is available.
Swap accounts for those following Sharia laws is available with the Cent account only and not from the Classic and Professional accounts.
All three accounts can be funded with USD or EUR. Hedging and scalping are allowed as are all EA's (robots).They all provide news and forecasts from Dow Jones (UK), analyses and signals from Trading Central (US) and use the MetaTrader4 platform.
The demo account uses the MetaTrader4 platform which can be downloaded easily to both the desktop and mobile devices. The demo account offers live market trading, full functionality with no money needed and no risk trading.
A demo account can be opened only with the Cent account.
There is a rather informative chart that compares all the accounts and the data involved in trading the major currencies and commodities.
forex4you ( offers two different PAMM ("Percentage Allocation Money Management") accounts, one for traders and one for investors. They both bring investors and traders together so that investors can use traders' expertise and traders can provide a forex managed account service to investors.
PAMM Accounts Ratings.
Benefits for the investor PAMM include the ability to earn from operations in the Forex market without any direct action. Investors entrust their funds to an already successful trader and have the opportunity to diversify their investments and reduce investment risk by selecting more than one trader/trading approach for their money.
With the trader PAMM, traders can increase the total amount of capital they can trade with reduced requirements for leverage and reduced trading risk. They can also attract an unlimited number of investors and investments.
Both PAMM accounts provide income automatically every week.
forex4you ( offers graphical analysis which is a method of technical analysis in which the trader studies or analyses the price charts in order to identify chart patterns. These chart patterns are indicative of future price movement of an asset and constitute an important tool of technical analysis.
There are two main methods of graphical analysis:
Manual graphical analysis involves the trader poring through charts in order to identify the patterns that will act as a guide on what trade position to take.
Automated graphical analysis involves the use of automated software that can be attached to the charts as plug-ins and this software identify the chart patterns and display their names on the charts. The trader can then take action based on the chart pattern identified by the software.
Other patterns include Trend lines which shows the price movements driven by buying and selling pressure, Consolidation patterns which are chart patterns that indicate periods when the trend of the asset is neither bullish nor bearish, Continuation patterns which are chart patterns that appear as periods of a stall in price movement after a strong trend, and whose appearance indicates that the trend is not going to reverse but rather will continue and Reversal patterns which are chart patterns that indicate periods at which the pre-existing trend ends and the trend reverses in the opposite direction. Reversal patterns can be revealed by candlesticks, in which case, these patterns are known as candlestick reversal patterns.
And of course, there are support and resistance levels that are built on the basis of chart pivots.
At the time of this review, forex4you ( was offering a bonus of between 5% and 25% on all deposits. Only two such deposits can be awarded the bonus; the third does not qualify.
Deposits are made to forex4you ( account via credit cards, wire transfers, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney and FasaPay. Bank wires take up to 2 days to settle; all other methods are instant.
Withdrawals can be actualized using the same payment methods. Withdrawals are executed within 2.5 hours with online pay programs and up to several days with all other methods.
Customer Support.
Clients can reach a representative at forex4you ( via telephone with a toll free UK number, by email and via Chat 24/5.
forex4you ( has become quite popular with retail traders because of its commitment in providing quality service to each individual trader regardless of their trading volume. It is also one of the few Forex brokers who have cents trading accounts which ideally suit newbie traders with a small trading budget.
The most outstanding feature at forex4you ( is that no minimum deposits are required for any of their accounts. Regardless of the size of the trading volume, this broker makes you feel special to them. Their cents accounts make it easy for beginner traders to dive into Forex trading and feel comfortable that they will be in good hands. forex4you ( offers traders pretty much everything they need and the quality of their support services is outstanding.
MetaTrader 4.
forex4you ( clients use the MetaTrader 4 trading platform free of charge. MT4 is the best professional Forex trading software available. It can be downloaded for a PC or for Mac IOS and smartphones.
MetaTrader 4 Platform.
It offers instant order execution, fast quote updates, confidential transactions, a wide range of technical indicators and linear instruments, use of advisors and user indicators, automation scripts, trailing stops, Quick Dow Jones news updates, chart and diagram printing and integrated email.

Title: Re: forex4you review and ratings.
Post by: forex4you on Apr 15, 2020, 02:18 pm
forex4you ( for a Broker with Low Investment Requirements? Read our Forex4you Review.
When you're first starting out in the world of Forex trading it's highly likely you are forex4you ( for a way to test the waters without risking huge amounts of cash. While for many this means opening a demo account with a broker and trading using a pot of virtual cash, others much prefer the thrill of the trading experience that comes with a real live account. Many brokers choose to impose quite hefty minimum deposit requirements, which can be rather bothersome, but there are also a few that require very little or nothing at all. One of these is Forex4you, and here is our honest Forex4you review.
Special Gifts: Returning commission Max Leverage: 1:500 Spread: 2 Forex Licence: FSC.
A brief introduction to Forex4you.
Established in 2007, Forex4you is one of the brand names used by E-Global Trade and Finance Group Inc., which is registered in the British Virgin Islands. The trading name of Forex4you is licensed and regulated by the FSC. The specialty of this broker is providing online trading services for traders all over the world, but so far, it has remained one of the smaller players. What has made it attractive for a number of traders is its commitment to providing the best possible service regardless of trading volume. The ideal place for beginners to start is its Cent trading account.
Forex4you is currently offering a 25% Forex4you bonus.
The bonus offer that Forex4you is currently offering is a reward for frequent foreign currency traders. On average it is possible to get back up to 17.5% of the spread, providing you meet certain requirements. The possible amount of bonus ranges from 5% to 25%.
So how does it work? When placing funds into a trading account a choice has to be made regarding the % credit bonus. The larger the bonus chosen, the higher the trading turnover required. The bonus takes the form of a credit that allows a larger trade volume. Once trading has been taking place for 3 months, a trading turnover will be apparent, and for each trade, part of the spread commission is given back. The bonus cannot be used until the Forex trading target has been reached. This bonus can also attract certain other gifts; for example, additional Forex bonuses and returning foreign exchange commission.
Forex4you clients receive MetaTrader 4 for free.
For its platform, Forex4you has chosen the ever-popular MetaTrader 4, in all its favourite guises. There is also a specially designed Forex4you mobile trading platform that allows clients to trade using their smartphones or tablets. The Forex4you mobile platform enables clients to open and close positions; set stop loss and take profit limits; create pending orders; view account balances, margin and equity; view reports; and receive "market closed and open" notification.
For traders who enjoy the convenience of MT4, there is the usual range of tools and features including market alerts, trade alarms, trailing stops, and a great number of technical indicators.
Forex4you has accounts for big and small traders.
As well as the Forex4you demo account, there are five other options, including one that is aimed specifically at new traders. Opening a Cent account is a great way to start trading without risking huge amounts of money, but still experiencing the real market. Trades can be made for just 2 cents, and are available in a dealing-desk or no-dealing-desk account. The Classic account is the next step up, for those with a little more cash to invest and slightly more experience. Trades can be made in dollars or euro, from 1/100th of a lot up to 200 lots.
One further step takes traders to the Pro account level. This is a pro STP account, and orders are executed in less than half a second. Spreads are variable, as you would expect, and start from 0 pip. For those of you who might be forex4you ( to manage other investors' money, making a profit for them and yourself, there is a PAMM trader account. With this account, it is possible to manage one or more investor funds. Finally, there is the PAMM investor account, which will give you the opportunity to profit from the Forex market without the worry of making trades.
Making payments into or out of a trading account is easy, and a number of payment methods are supported, such as Visa and Mastercard, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, China Unionpay and bank wire transfers.
Forex4you customer support is available 24 hours a day.
The lines of communication are open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, should the need arise for some support or guidance. The usual means are offered such as live chat, telephone or email. Support is available in a number of different languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hindi.
While the educational offering is a little limited there is more than enough information for the average trader. It might not include fancy seminars or video tutorials, but the same information is there in black and white. We noticed that a new section, including webinars for beginners, has recently been added to the site, and we hope this is an indication that there is more to come.
Now do you want to know what we think of Forex4you? All in all, we were pretty impressed. It may not have reached the dizzy heights of some other better-known Forex brokers, but who knows what might be around the corner. It certainly offers a service and features that can easily rival the best of the best, so we're going to be keeping our fingers crossed for its continued success. There is a good range of language support, choice of trading account, reasonably low spreads, minimal deposit requirements, and excellent customer support. What more could you want from a Forex broker? The fact that only MetaTrader trading platforms are available we found a little disappointing, but this is a minor fault, and certainly not one that is going to keep all new traders away.

Title: Re: forex4you review and ratings.
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forex4you ( reviews and rating of the company.
Important! If you already have an account with this company, the transfer of the old account into our system is done by following the instructions. Please e-mail to support and we will send you the instructions.
History of forex4you (
“forex4you (” вЂ" is one of the first Forex brokers that started its business activity in the year 2007. This company has many representative offices on the territory of CIS countries, as well as in many cities of the n Federation. Apart from that, this company has a lot of such branches as “forex4you (” Indonesia, “forex4you (” Malaysia, “forex4you (” India, etc. It is worth noting that “forex4you (” company is in strong partnership with such popular financial institutions as OCBC Bank, NovoBanco, ABLV Bank, PPF Banka, as well as in stable cooperation with various electronic payments systems, insurance companies and many other banks and organizations.
All the broker’s customers, whose investments are higher than USD 100 000, are able to place their funds on the accounts of the most reliable Swiss banks. Thanks to the safe cooperation conditions, “forex4you (” company has a lot of positive reviews and, as a result, high ratings.
In case the trader’s investments in this broker’s accounts start from USD 500 000, such trader is provided with a possibility to use services of the depository financial institutions, which allows trading directly with “forex4you (”, thus being assured that his/her money are totally secured.
The official web-site of “forex4you (” company opens up a lot of the great possibilities for the traders. This broker presents both cent-accounts with minimum deposits for beginners and professional accounts that require the trader to make higher investments, but at the same time, provide more expanded opportunities for the profitable and beneficial trading activity.
“forex4you (” company introduces trading platforms adapted for all types of devices вЂ" stationary and mobile ones. By trading via VPS-server, the broker’s customers can use such additional trading programs as: advisor, indicators and trading strategies. Beyond that, the company provides its customers with the information support by sharing the most recent analytics, economic calendar and video-lessons.
The widest affiliate program of “forex4you (” вЂ" is the excellent option to make some additional money. By advertising this broker, its partners have a great possibility to make some passive income вЂ" they only need to attract some new active customers to this company. To participate in the aforementioned partner program, you should have your own web-site in order to place your personal referral link.
“forex4you (” broker believes that its main goal is to provide every customer with the high-quality services. The whole business activity of this broker is focused on the long-term relationship with its customers. This company wishes to increase its customers’ knowledge and to increase their incomes as well. Of course, the broker also strives to minimize all financial losses of its traders.
You can study “forex4you (” reviews by visiting IAFT web-site. Here you will find the true information about this company, based on the Association’s internal data. The reviews include not only positive feedback, but may also contain some complaints about “forex4you (” company. Therefore, it gives us the broad picture of this broker. Moreover, “forex4you (” rating on IAFT web-site will help you to make the right choice and to start your cooperation with the most reliable company on Forex market.