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Title: GFT Dealbook 360.
Post by: Indonesia on Apr 09, 2020, 07:12 am
GFT Dealbook 360.
I am using Dealbook 360. form GFT at the moment and although its a great platform I am finding it quite restrictive at points and a distinct lack of custom Indicators. I have a list of questions if any one can help or point me in the right Direction. Because this is a request I will keep it short and post more details depending on Interest..
cheer for help. Ian.
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Yeah, that happened to me also. Now I make sure every orders are closed down in the Working Orders menu after a trade because they don't get off automatically. You can find indicators or ask for them on the Chart Studio forum and there are a few on this site. I know GFT sells the Foresight A.I. indicator. I never used it, but it looked useful when I followed their webinar on harmonic trading. Right now, I trade live with Dealbook, but I demo and practice on MT4 because of the much more developped users community and the 1001 tools and indicators that go with it. But GFT has a great product IMO.
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this wouldnt happen if you used an oco order. parent/child orders dont' close just because the "parent order" has closed or cancelled. so if you have a protective stop in place and you are long, then your stop would be short but heres the problem.
you decide to close your long, and later on your short gets triggered, it was supposed to be a stop but it is now a stand alone order.
the best way to avoid this is an oco.
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A time shift indicator that i used on the MT it allowed me to make my 60min or 240min to shift the data bars back two hours so they started at 10pm sunday and not midnight. an ATR indicator that is text only on the corner of the charts it showed how much of the days ATR left or exceed. a fib extension tool save custom tools like custom fib tool.
that would get me started and also introduce me to fellow traders that use the platform to keep updated with any changes.
cheers again guys.. Ian.
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Another interesting feature with Dealbook is the possibility to use custom tick charts with an appropriate account. I've come across a trading strategy (settings, rules) using tick charts that I wanted to test, but I did not find a platform yet that would allow me to do that. MT4 doesn't have custom tick charts, I think, and my GFT account for Dealbook is not permissioned for it.
Post # 7 Quote Oct 7, 2009 8:22pm Oct 7, 2009 8:22pm.
Does anyone else find Dealbook confusing while trying to track your trades? I mean they have the "cash" amount (amount you can withdraw). Which is different from "Equity" (even though you have no open trades). which is different still from "available equity". And then during trading you have "UPL (unrealized P/L) which includes trades that have yet to "settle" from yesterday and 2 trading days ago and "Floating P/L" which is currently open trades. And all these show different amounts.
I feel like I have absolutely NO clue where I stand with my money and just have to "trust" that all is OK. And then if I want to see "how I did today". the transaction history shows all kinds of garbage, including "today P/L" in bold on one line at the bottom and then right below is "today P/L" in bigger bold letters which is different then the one above. And NONE of them add up to my actual "today" trades $ totals.
Title: Re: GFT Dealbook 360.
Post by: Indonesia on Apr 09, 2020, 07:12 am
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Title: Re: GFT Dealbook 360.
Post by: Indonesia on Apr 09, 2020, 07:12 am
GFT offers both standard and mini trading accounts with a $2500 and $250 minimum, respectively and allow up to 400:1 leverage. GFT also allows clients to trade up to $20 million per trade. Dealing hours for GFT run from Sunday at 5pm ET to Friday at 5pm ET with 24/7 customer support.
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Title: Re: GFT Dealbook 360.
Post by: Indonesia on Apr 09, 2020, 07:13 am
In addition to the DealBook®, GFT provides innovative Forex ( products and services for traders of any experience or skill level. With 120+ currencies for Forex ( trading, GFT's award-winning DealBook® 360 trading platform offers traders powerful charting capabilities and over 100 trading tools and indicators. As a worldwide leader in online trading, GFT has been offering online trading execution, trading software, charting, analysis and education for more than a decade. Discover your true trading potential with GFT and DealBook® 360.
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