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Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day by Ordering Pizza with Bitcoin

Started by Bitcoin, May 18, 2022, 06:18 am

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Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day by Ordering Pizza with Bitcoin

Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day by Ordering Pizza with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Pizza day is May 22nd. Celebrate this year by ordering pizza with Bitcoin! Learn the history behind the customary pizza day and how to buy the perfect pizza pie with Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin Pizza Day?

Bitcoin Pizza Day marks the day on which an early Bitcoin enthusiast purchased pizza using Bitcoin on May 22nd, 2010. The guy who bought pizza with Bitcoin was a programmer and early miner named Laszlo Hanyecz.

Hanyecz made a post on a Bitcoin forum offering 10k Bitcoin for two large pizzas. Eventually someone took him up on his offer and delivered two Papa Johns pizzas.

At the time, 10,000 Bitcoin was worth $41. Compared to its all-time-high, those 10,000 Bitcoin would be valued at $690,000,000! Despite this, Hanyecz has no regrets about using his cryptocurrency to buy pizza.  Buying pizza with Bitcoin made crypto real for him when it was barely known outside of the crypto community.

Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day by Ordering Pizza with Bitcoin
The pizzas Hanyecz bought for 10k Bitcoin

How to Buy Pizza with Bitcoin

Want to order a pizza to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day? BitPay gives you multiple ways to pay for pizza with Bitcoin.

Order pizza and pay straight from your Bitcoin wallet

Use to order pick up and delivery from your favorite neighborhood pizza joints.

  1. Visit to find your local pizza restaurant
  2. Choose your pizza and select whether you want pick up or delivery
  3. Select Cryptocurrency as your payment method
  4. Pay with preferred wallet and Bitcoin (or any other supported cryptocurrency)
  5. Enjoy your pizza

Buy pizza gift cards with your Bitcoin wallet

You can buy gift cards to many national pizza and food delivery chains with Bitcoin. Buy the gift cards using the BitPay app or extension. Use right away or save for later.

Use the BitPay Card to spend crypto like cash at any local pizzeria

The BitPay Card can be used at any pizza shop that accepts Mastercard. The only difference between the crypto debit card and a regular debit card is that instead of pulling from a bank account, you load the BitPay Card from your crypto wallet.

The only crypto app for spenders

Get the App

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